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NORFOLK, VA- During the offseason, Ben Boudreau departed Norfolk and took a job with the Fort Wayne Komets, leaving an assistant coaching vacancy in Norfolk. In came Peter Sidorkiewicz, who played parts of 13 seasons in the AHL and NHL as a goaltender. Sidorkiewicz also has a history with head coach Robbie Ftorek. Find out more about Sidorkiewicz in this Q&A session.

The Sin Bin: You and Coach Ftorek have a pretty lengthy history, how did it start?

Sidorkiewicz: Back in the 90’s I played for Robbie in Albany, and then we coached for four-plus years in Erie of the OHL. I’ve known Robbie for a long time. I enjoyed playing for him. I enjoy coaching with him. He is a great teacher. I know the players enjoy playing for him. 

It was a good chance for me to come back to North America. I was over in Austria for the past three-plus years. My goal was to get back to the North American game at the pro level. It was an excellent opportunity for me. Hopefully, we can do some good things with these players and make them better.

TSB: How did the opportunity present itself to come back to North America?

P.S.: A lot of it was dictated by Ben Boudreau, because I talked to Robbie when I first got back from Europe. I said, Robbie, I’m looking to get back to North America. You got a lot of contacts if you hear of anybody that’s looking for an assistant coach throw my name out there. I didn’t talk to him for awhile, then, I was in my cottage up in Canada and he called me and left me a message. I called him back and he’s telling me about a place that needs an assistant coach. I said, Robbie what team is it and he says it’s my team.

TSB: What are some of your duties as the assistant coach this year?

P.S.: During the game, I’ll run the defensemen. I’ll do most of the video and the pre-scouts. Individual stuff, we’ll both do, but I’ll do all the video breakdowns. I’ll do a lot of the P.K. I’m sure it will be kind of the same roles that we had when we were together in Erie. Whatever we see we try to help each other. We work together to make sure our team gets better every day.

TSB: How can you use your time as a pro to help teach players about the pro game?

P.S.: First off, I’ll help work with the goalies as well. I’ve always done that, no matter where I’ve been. I’ll work with anybody, whatever I see I’ll work with forwards, I’ll work with the defense. Obviously, I have a little bit of knowledge from the goalie side of things. 

Over the years you try and pick up as much as you can from your coaches when your playing and certainly when your coaching. 

All the time when you’re coaching you’re learning different things, talking to people and going to different seminars and what not. You just try and make it fun for the guys and hold them accountable and make them better. At the end of the day, these guys are here trying to move up in the ranks and get to the American (Hockey) League and even higher. Hopefully, Robbie and I can help them do that.

TSB: How do you like the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area?

P.S.: I like it. I came down in August for a few days to meet the staff and meet Mike Santos and to look around the different areas of town. I’m living in Virginia Beach. I like it out there. I enjoy walking, so if I have some spare time, I like to walk on the boardwalk. Once the season starts, I won’t have that much extra time.

Sidorkiewicz & company continue their homestand this weekend against the L.A. Kings ECHL affiliate, the Manchester Monarchs.

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