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Hold the phone, stop the presses, and get your shocked faces ready. The Reading Royals are making a change for their 15th Anniversary season. The invasion of orange is upon us and purple may be on its way out. Yesterday afternoon, the Royals organization posted an 11 second video on their YouTube channel which has created quite a stir amongst the fan base. The video starts off with “Adding Some Color,” then “Never Felt So Good” in big white text over smoke (ongoing theme in their videos). Then the Royals lion logo appears and, in a brief second, changes to orange.

Don’t blink or you will miss the purple change to orange and back to purple. Now this could mean many things or simply that the organization wants to truly honor their affiliates, the Philadelphia Flyers and Lehigh Valley Phantoms, and think this relationship is that strong to continue for many years to come. Perhaps some purple will be left in the logo but again the brief second you see the logo change it is orange and many believe we will no longer be purple.

In the 14 years as a member of the ECHL, the Royals have never changed their colors, just changed jerseys from time to time. They have had a total of 5 affiliations (LA, Toronto, Boston, Washington & Philadelphia) throughout their existence. Though they used the tagline (when affiliated with Toronto) “New Royal Blue”, the colors still had purple, black and white in their jerseys. Fans have always associated with Royals and the color purple, even the loyal season ticket holders who have been here since day one.

People did not take too long to take their comments to the Royals Facebook page yesterday. Most of the comments are generally negative in what is or may happen to the logo. Most of them want the purple to stay and just have specialty jerseys using the orange for next season just like they did in 2014-2015. The Royals had 3 different specialty jerseys: one worn for one game only to honor their Flyers affiliation; had a jersey using purple and orange, orange and white (Flyers jersey with Royals logo); and one worn for game one of the first round of the playoffs in South Carolina. Those are fine but when you completely change the lion logo color to affiliate colors then you will have some issues especially with the fans. The Royals would end up looking like what Wheeling Nailers do as their current jersey is exactly the same as Pittsburgh Penguins. That is not being original and honoring the team’s tradition since day one.

A select few on Facebook (Flyers fans) love the idea of change, but come on. Some of them have not been to many Royals games and I value, and hope the team values, Royals’ fans/season ticket holders opinion much more. Maybe in the end we are all jumping to conclusions, but right now that video is all we have and hopefully more answers will be answered in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned, as we’ll have more information as it becomes available.

The 11 second video the Royals posted:


Royals Fans talking to Facebook & Twitter:
















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