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NORFOLK, VA – Often times in sports, journalists interview athletes, dissect the game, talk about things that could’ve been better or how the team performs as a whole.

In this article, The Sin Bin’s Ted Warren has flipped the script and asked some different questions to Admirals forward Domenic Alberga and goaltender Jamie Murray.

Photo: Norfolk Admirals/Kris ShamblerFirst up is Alberga answering some “Would You Rather?” questions:

TSB: Would you rather have your shirts always two sizes big or too small?

D.A.: I’m going to go big.

TSB: Would you rather never watch TV again or use social media?

D.A.: Social media

TSB: Would you rather have a horrible short-term memory or a horrible long-term memory?

D.A.: Long-term

TSB: Would you rather be invisible for a day or be able to fly for a day?

D.A: Fly

TSB: Would you rather live without internet or A.C.?

D.A.:  A.C.

TSB: Would you rather have a fully automated home or a self-driving car?

D.A.: The home

TSB: Would you rather lose your phone or your keys?

D.A.: Probably my phone.

TSB: Would you rather lose your wallet or phone?

D.A.: Definitely my phone.

Photo: Norfolk Admirals/Kris Shambler

Next, Jamie Murray answers some “Off-the-Wall” questions:

TSB: Who would win on the TV show “The Bachelor”?

J.M.: We got a lot of good-looking guys on our team. I’m going to go with a single guy, Darik Angeli.

TSB: Which teammate would eat at an all you can eat buffet and never leave?

J.M.: Alberga, Bergy loves to eat. He is Italian.

TSB: Who is the worst locker room DJ?

J.M.: I’m probably up there, I’m not the music guy. I’ll put myself there.

TSB: Any funny stories from the road, this year?

J.M.: We had a couple of rookies get their hotel room flipped upside down. There was just a little fun, just went in there and tossed some of their stuff around. It was all in good fun though.

TSB: Who spends the most time working on their appearance?

J.M.: Ty Reichenbach likes to look good. Ty’s a good-looking guy and he likes to show it off.

TSB: Who is a closet Justin Bieber fan?

J.M.: I think we’re all closet Justin Bieber fans. I think if you put on a Bieber song in the locker room we would be going nuts in there.

TSB: Let’s say you go into the room and you find your laces cut, who would do that?

J.M.: Angeli or sneaky Dubes. Probably Angeli, but maybe Dubes (Brodie DuPont).

TSB: Who would cut on “Survivor” first?

J.M.: I’m going to go (T.J.) Melancon. He’s still kind of like a little kid. Still trying to figure the ropes out.

TSB: Who sleeps the most?

J.M.: I’m a nap a day guy. I probably got that, but Segalla sleeps a lot too.

TSB: Best chirp you’ve heard?

Murray asks Admirals’ PR Manager Isaac Berky who says, “(Trevor) Gillies in South Carolina. He hit Dubes on a shift, and Dubes said ‘hey buddy nice one shift of the period.’ Gillies says, ‘I’ve made more money in this game then you’ll ever will, so yeah it was a nice shift. So I’m going to take my money and go sit down.'”

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