On this edition of the Farm Report, Scotty will try to recap the happenings between the City of Evansville and the IceMen, but then thinks better of it while directing you to TheSinBin.net for better explanation of it.

Here are Mike Finazzo’s articles on the matter:

Evansville IceMen in Jeopardy

Evansville IceMen v. the City of Evansville

City Offers Counter Proposal to IceMen

The Roanoke area has a new team and they finally have an identity– Scotty will tell you why it could be his new favorite team.

It’s been a tough road for Mike Donnellan, but he has overcome a lot to be in the SPHL, while Bud Holloway took a difficult decision and turned it into winning championships overseas.

All that, plus News and Notes and We Hardly Knew Ye.

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