In the third edition of the ECHL jersey reviews, I’ll take a look at the Central Division, which has a mixed bag of some really nice looking jerseys and some not so great ones.

For those who missed the first edition, you can read the North Division here and the South Division here. Again, a huge thank you to Chris Smith at for allowing me to use his graphics for this series.

Each team gets an overall score for originality, creativity, color scheme and more.

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Toledo Walleye

I am a big fan of the color scheme that Toledo uses. The light blue, navy blue and yellow color scheme works very well on their jerseys. This season is the first season that Toledo has used these jerseys. Their recently revealed alternate jersey is, well, interesting.

I’ve seen Toledo’s jerseys in person several times, they are easy on the eyes and easy to tell who is who by the giant numbers on the back. The font is easy to read and original compared to the rest of the league. The white jersey doesn’t have as much yellow on it but it works and frankly, I like it better. The only yellow you see is the logo and the collar and arms but that’s usually underneath the players’ gloves. It’s a good look.

The light blue is nice but there is too much yellow in my opinion. The old version of the Walleye jerseys just had yellow piping and even though it was a little more complex, I thought it was a better look. One of the best team’s in the league also has some of the best jerseys in the league and one of the most iconic logos as well.

Overall score: 8

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Fort Wayne Komets

Growing up in Indianapolis, I played for the Indianapolis Racers travel team. Every year, we were guaranteed to face the Fort Wayne Komets travel team. We built a huge rivalry so I grew to not like the Fort Wayne jerseys. But, for this review, I will put my dislike aside.

The Fort Wayne Komets are one of the most iconic teams in all of minor league hockey. Their orange and black buzzsaw-looking logo is just as iconic as the team name. The Komets jerseys remind me of an original six team. They haven’t changed much and the color orange is exclusive to the Komets. The Komets used to have a different shoulder yoke with just two stripes but personally, I like the full-color yoke. Even though I grew up playing against the Komets and building a strong rivalry with them, I think Fort Wayne’s jerseys are some of the most original in all of minor league hockey. But, because of that, they also are a little too plain for me.

Overall score: 7


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Tulsa Oilers

Off the bat, I’m not a huge fan of Tulsa’s color scheme. It’s like a bad version of the Colorado Avalanche’s color scheme. The jersey design, however, isn’t bad. The original Reebok template with the piping all over looks really nice in my opinion. The dark jersey just doesn’t work for me, the navy blue and maroon just doesn’t work for me.

The white jersey is significantly better than their dark. The blue arms with maroon armpits is a good look. The navy blue piping under the arms and maroon along the arms is a great look. Although the alternate jersey isn’t on the graphic, Tulsa has to have one of the worst alternate jerseys in hockey. I mean, blue and orange with white pinstripes, yikes. Alternate jersey aside, I like the original reebok template but I’m just not a huge fan of the color scheme used by the Oilers.

Overall score: 6


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Quad City Mallards

The Mallards have an interesting jersey lineup. I’m going to start off and say I am very upset that they got rid of their black jersey. I thought Quad City’s black jersey was one of the best in the league. That being said, there is no consistency in their jersey lineup, that bothers me. The orange jersey is horrible. Sorry Mallards fans but they just don’t look good. A bright orange jersey with a cartoonish duck is a weird look compared to the old black jersey with the flying mallard logo.

The two white jerseys are better. The Mallards have a unique color scheme which I like but it’s not a great color scheme. The normal white with black arms works but isn’t anything special. I like the throwback alternate a lot. I always like a throwback jersey and this one is very well done.

Overall score: 5

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Kalamazoo Wings

The Wings’ jerseys are way too busy. The color scheme is okay. The red, white and gray color scheme works but isn’t great. In my opinion, the dark jersey is terrible. The inconsistent stripes along the arms make the jersey look weird. The team should have gone with a navy blue jersey instead of a red jersey, it would look better. There is just way too much going on with the red jersey.

The white jersey is better because there isn’t as much color but again, we have the weird, inconsistent stripes on the arms. There isn’t much to say about the Kalamazoo jerseys except that they aren’t great looking jerseys.

Overall score: 5

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Wichita Thunder 

Wichita rebranded this season and it is a much better look than their previous jersey and logo. The new jerseys just look cleaner and more modern. It is a good look for Wichita. The black jersey with blue arms looks sleek and the subtle white stripes just add to the already great looking jersey.

The white jersey has become one of my favorite jerseys in the league. The color scheme just works for the Thunder. The black and white looks nice but the small blue stripes and subtle use of blue on the collar and trim of the jersey makes it look even better. I am a huge fan of the new Thunder logo and jerseys. They are some of the best looking jerseys in the league.

Overall score: 9

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Indy Fuel

Saved the best for last, right? Obviously, I am a little biased towards the Fuel jerseys. With that being said, I really like the Fuel jerseys. This season, they changed the jerseys a little bit, making them a little more simple. Last season’s jerseys were a little different and had pennants on the collar. Personally, I am glad they glad they got rid of the pennants.

The white Fuel jersey is good looking. The subtle yellow stripes around the jersey work really well and don’t stick out too much. The “F” logo on the front is much better than the Fuel logo on the front.

The black jersey is one of the better jerseys in the ECHL. I think maroon, yellow and black is a really good combo for the jersey and yellow really jumps out. I have heard that the numbers are somewhat difficult to read on the black jersey but I think they look cool. If I had one wish for both jerseys, I’d like to see the Blackhawks and IceHogs logos on each shoulder.

Overall score: 8

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