I’ve always been a diehard sports fan. Whether it’s hockey, soccer, football, or baseball, I’ve always been very interested in the uniforms that the teams wear. I’m also a huge proponent of “look good, feel good, play good.” Why do you think the best college football teams have 100 different uniform combinations? 

I came up with this idea in January of 2017 and was able to review all of the jerseys in the league and people seemed to really enjoy it so why not give it another go with all of the new teams and new uniforms, right? This time, I’ll be rating the jersey set for every team in the ECHL. The teams will be given a score that encompasses originality, creativity, color scheme and more.

So without further ado, here are my reviews of the ECHL North Division.

Adirondack is sporting some new uniforms this season now that they are affiliated with the New Jersey Devils and Binghamton Devils. Previously, the Thunder went with Calgary Flames themed jerseys which were nice but not super creative. I’ll say this many times through the jersey ratings, I’m not a huge fan of teams that have the same jerseys as their affiliates.

The new Thunder jerseys are sharp. I like the shoulder stripe on most jerseys, I just think it’s a clean look. The Thunder got rid of the yellow and replaced it with the silver of the Thunder logo which I also think looks strong. There isn’t much of a change between their previous uniforms and the 2018 uniforms. Overall, I think the red uniform looks nicer than the white but either way, I think they both look better than previous renditions.

Gear Guru Uni Rating: 7

I’ve never liked Brampton’s uniforms or color scheme, it looks too 90s-ish to me. Grey, black and red just makes me think of the old Buffalo Sabres uniforms. But, I’d be lying if I said the Sabres shouldn’t bring those jerseys back.

But I digress, back to the Beast jerseys. I don’t mind the logo, but grey is just “meh.” I always like a black uniform so Brampton has that going form them but I just don’t feel like the grey inside of the red stripes works very well. I liked the original Reebok Edge jersey template that had the inner arm stripes and the shoulder stripe that goes all the way across the jersey. I feel that if Brampton went with something like that Oilers jersey, it would look much nicer.

Gear Guru Uni Rating: 4.5

One of two expansion teams in the North Division, the Maine Mariners went with a great color scheme. The emerald green with navy blue looks really nice on a uniform and in their logo. Speaking of the logo. I’m a huge fan of it but it doesn’t look great on the jersey. It’s too wide. Regardless, the detail that went into creating the logo, as well as the color scheme, is incredible.

Now, on to the jerseys. I’m not a huge fan of the shoulder stripes across the top of the navy blue jersey. It just makes it look like a practice jersey. The white uniform would look better if the navy was swapped with the emerald green across the shoulders. The blue outline could be larger to give it more presence but again, it’s not bad.

Gear Guru Uni Rating: 6

Manchester hasn’t changed their jerseys in many years and in my opinion, they need to. As we go through these uni ratings, you’ll find out that I don’t like teams that just wear the same unis as their AHL and NHL affiliate. Personally, I think it lacks creativity.

The Monarchs wear a simple but somewhat boring Los Angeles Kings themed jersey. The sleek LA Kings logo rests on the shoulder as well as on the pants of each player. It is difficult to make the black, white and gray/silver colors of the LA Kings exciting. If I had my way, Manchester would have stuck with these beautiful purple and gold unis. I said the exact same thing last time I did these ratings, black is great on any jersey, especially when it is worn as one of the two primary jerseys. So because of that, Manchester gains points from me, but the lack of originality is what turns me away from these jerseys.

Gear Guru Uni Rating: 4

Ahh, the Growlers. The second of two expansion teams in the North Division, the Newfoundland Growlers come in with what is one of my favorite logos in all of hockey, behind the Orlando Solar Bears. I love both of Newfoundland’s uniforms, they’re simple, clean and have an awesome color scheme. I really like the gold and black. I think the colors just look really nice together. But, I give a slight edge to the white uniforms for one reason, the shoulder yoke outline. I love that look on any jersey so they get a lot of points from me. There is a lot behind this logo and uniform and that is one reason I really like it.

Gear Guru Uni Rating: 7.5

As I have been saying, black jersey automatically catches my eye. Reading easily has one of the best uniforms in the ECHL, by far. The black and purple color scheme is what jumps out first. The purple blends in with the black jersey but with the white middle stripe, it jumps out just enough to look great.

I mentioned this in my last uni ratings, the circular logo with the Royals logo in the middle is very similar to the Chicago Blackhawks Winter Classic jersey in 2009. Regardless of that similarity, the circular logo reminds me of a European soccer club and as long as it isn’t overused, it looks good.

I like when teams have their own identity but still have their affiliate logos on each shoulder. I think it’s a nice touch. I also think that the Phantoms logo looks much nicer than the Flyers logo but that’s because of the purple blends well with the Phantoms logo. The white jersey doesn’t have the affiliate logos but it’s about as simple as it gets with the one purple stripe on each arm as well as an awesome “R” logo on the front. Both of these jerseys are some of the best in the ECHL.

Gear Guru Uni Rating: 7

Worcester Railers

We’ll talk Railers this time and once we get to the Central we’ll talk Nailers, sound good? The Railers have three really nice looking jerseys. The navy blue, grey and white works really well on both uniforms and look really nice on their all orange jerseys. The Railers logo is a locomotive traveling through the mountains and underneath are the letters “HC” going off of a model used mostly in European soccer (i.e. Chelsea FC). The horizontal stripes across the chest are really nice looking behind the Railers logo and look even better on the alternate orange jersey with the alternate, soccer-style crest. On the right shoulder is the New York Islanders logo, while on the left, there is a the city’s seal. I think it’s a good way to represent the city of Worcester. I think the Railers did a really good job of making a sharp looking jersey. That alone puts them in the top of the league for ratings.

Gear Guru Uni Rating: 7

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Who has the best jerseys in the ECHL North Division?

Worcester Railers
Reading Royals
Newfoundland Growlers
Manchester Monarchs
Maine Mariners
Brampton Beast
Adirondack Thunder

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