Putting together an All-Star team is a pretty daunting task.

You have the WHOLE SPHL roster in front of you and you always want cream of crop right? Wrong. I want well-rounded players, gritty players, and playmakers. I have a player that’s -13, I have a player that is +23. Having most of the players come to Columbus to play against my Snakes, I based a lot of my team off of what I remember seeing.

Although, my Cottonmouths are all winners, there were only two I selected. It was tough, but I think in my statistical mind, I have built a fantastic team.

Dawnie’s Dangerous Dream Team


Courchaine, Adam (HSV) –his record speaks for itself, but I like the way he plays. His hockey sense makes him phenomenal in the net.

Billet, Brian (KNX) –having faced only 40 goals against, something has to be said about the team in front of him. But, even with a 9-4-1, he knows how to rule his paint.

Ruby, Jordan (MAC) –I know, I know…he’s only played 13 games. But I really like Jordan, he’s a risk taker. Given some stability and time in the net…he’ll go far!

Right Wing

Spraggs, Riley (PEN) –No surprise here. The #3 rookie in the SPHL, with 25 goals in 27 games, Riley is a natural goal scorer.

Educate, Lou (HSV) –Lou is all over the ice. With 72 shots on goal, he’s proven that he leads from the front.

Klecha, Dakota (PEO) –you hear his name all the time! A +9, with 21 goals, he’s a great play maker to have as your winger.

Dion, Cody (PEO) –this guy is HUGE (in stature). He’s 6’5”!! Holding a +11 and 23 goals in 27 games with 73 shots on goal, this season, sometimes you just need a big guy to do big things on the ice.

Left Wing

Marcuz, Ryan (MRK) – with 20 goals in 31 games and 93 shots on goal; all he needs is a clear lane to the net. Enough said.

MacDonald, Justin (EVN) – with 24 goals in 22 games, how is Justin a -3? With 111 shots on goal, you can bet he creates havoc for the net-minders.

Gentzler, Daniel (MAC) –Daniel truly is a play-maker. He’s a skilled player that sees the ice well, and a call up to the ECHL, he has untapped potential.

Sandler, Luke(KNX) –what I like about Luke is that when he has the opportunity, he shoots. With 93 shots on goal and 20 goals in 27 games… does it matter he’s a -7? He clearly steps up for his line-mates with 72PIM. In my mind…he’s pretty well rounded.


Thompson, Taylor (FAY) –great clutch player when you need that goal to get up and over. 24 goals in 27 games, and 86 shots on the net…this guy can only get better.

Cesarz, Danny (KNX) –a definite playmaker, you hear his name all the time. 22 goals in 28 games, and only a -1. I’m good with it.

Lamacchia, Massimo (RNK) –his name is just fun to say!! Honestly, 23 goals in 29 games and 95 shots on the net, I’m good with that. A skilled forward, his D-men need to stand up to help his -6 on the ice.

Craig Simchuk (COL) –seriously, don’t count him out. He’s probably the player with the most ice time on the team. Starting out playing defense, then RW, LW, and Center. Craig has the versatility every coach needs in a two-way player. 10 goals in 26 games, and 32PIM, he doesn’t take crap from anyone. “Google me!”


Kaiser, Nolan (HSV) –a defenseman with a +23 rating? Come on, who wouldn’t want this guy on their team.

Pszenyczny, Dave (PEO) –a guy who isn’t afraid to go the extra mile and mix it up to still be a +5? Yes, please.

Galbraith, Spencer (COL) –this guy is fast, he’s feisty with 45PIM, and just when you think you’ve got him, think again. Only a -6, who says you need to go to college to play hockey!

Sova, Joe (MRK) –the #7 D-man in the SPHL, he has the second highest shots on goal at 79 for defensemen. Does it really matter that he’s -13? He comes with 15 points and a game-winning goal.

Michel, Ryan (MAC) –a +14 D-man? No wonder he’s on the number one team. Total assist maker with 11 points, I like Ryan. He plays well, he’s fast, and he doesn’t like the sin bin, only 6PIM. WOW!

Bourke, Brad (EVN)- yeah, so he’s -17. Give that +/- to a new team. He’s #4 in the SPHL among his D-men. With 18 points and 55 shots on goal. I’ll take it. Nowhere to go but up with Brad.

Head Coach

Roanoke’s Sam Ftorek is my coach. He’s gritty. He knows how to play in-your-face hockey with an edge. I’d pick Sam to lead my team.

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