CINCINNATI, OH – As we move further into the summer months, the first phase of the off-season is now complete as the Cincinnati Cyclones have released their 23-man protected list.

There is no limit on the amount of players a team can protect. The general rule of thumb here is as long as the player was contracted with Cincinnati throughout the 2015-2016 season and were never released or traded, they can protect that player. For example: In the case of Neil Conway signing in Italy in January, along with Kevin Lind and Garrick Perry, who both retired at one point in the season; all of them can be protected as the Cyclones withheld their ECHL rights. Another example would be in the case of Mike Ratchuk and Dax Lauwers. They cannot be protected by the Cyclones because Ratchuk was traded to Norfolk in January, and Lauwers was released in March.

The Cyclones have protected and have retained the ECHL rights to the following players:
Defensemen (7) – Riley Weselowski, Brett Wysopal, Cody Carlson, Andrew Blazek, Steve Weinstein, Kevin Lind, and Michael Quinn

Forwards (14) – Adam Payerl, Christiaan Minella, Andrew Yogan, Brett Ferguson, Tommy Mele, Jack Downing, Zach Budish, Joe Wilson, Branden Gracel, Nick Huard, Colin Mulvey, Levko Koper, Garrick Perry, and Geoff Irwin

Goalies (2) – Andy Iles and Neil Conway

This just protects their ECHL rights. Like in the cases of Branden Gracel (Signed in Germany) and Brett Ferguson (Signed in France), in the event things don’t workout overseas and they decide to come back and play in North America, the Cyclones are who would have the playing rights to them.

The remaining players on the Cyclones roster who were not eligible to be protected are the AHL/NHL Contracted players who were assigned to Cincinnati by either the Columbus Blue Jackets organization or Nashville Predators organization.

Those AHL/NHL contracted players that were ineligible to be on the Cyclones protected list:
Lake Erie/Columbus: F Peter Quenneville, F Seth Ambroz, & G Brad Thiessen

Milwaukee/Nashville: D Garrett Noonan, D Jonathan Diaby, F Jaynen Rissling, F Eric Robinson, F Joe Pendenza, G Brandon Whitney

In addition to the protected lists, the deadline to complete trades involving future considerations is June 13th, 2016 at 3pm EST.

The Cyclones currently have two future consideration deals that need to be completed by then:

Date To Cincinnati To Utah
2/11/16 (D) Jason Binkley Future Considerations
Date To Cincinnati To South Carolina
2/12/16 (F) Colin Mulvey Future Considerations

The next phase is when the actual fun begins. Season Ending Rosters are due to the league on June 15th at 3pm EST, with June 16th being the first day players can be signed to standard player contracts (SPC’s).

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