Sunday, September 15, 2019

Inside the SPHL Podcast

Inside the SPHL Podcast S3, E19: Letting Our Geek Flags Fly

Campos took the week off to rest up for the SPHL Playoff drive, but Harding did an okay job of manning the ship and was joined by two great guests

Inside the SPHL Podcast S3, E18: Double-Ended Pencil

LAFAYETTE, La. -- Welcome back to another really okay episode of our Inside the SPHL Podcast! Matthew Harding's silky vocal stylings are back after a week away; join Harding and Mike Campos as the fellas go over all things SPHL!

Inside the SPHL Podcast S3, E17 – And His Name Is…

LAFAYETTE, La. -- It's time for another episode of our southern-fried Inside the SPHL Podcast! The silky vocal stylings of Matthew Harding went on the seven-day IR this week, but it didn't stop Mike Campos from hanging out with a special guest from the Macon Mayhem...

Inside the SPHL Podcast S3, E16: A Good Time for Dave

SPHL All-Star month is in the rear-view mirror and the push to the 2019 Presidents' Cup Playoffs is underway!

Inside the SPHL Podcast S3, E14: Nap, Mac and Cheese, Nap

On this edition of the podcast, Harding and Campos are joined by one of the best netminders in SPHL history, Kyle Rank!

Inside the SPHL Podcast S3, E13: Chatting With the All-Star Coaches

SPHL All-Star month is officially in full swing here at The Sin Bin. On this edition, Harding and Campos chat with the coaches for the 2019 SPHL All-Star Teams

Inside the SPHL Podcast S3, E12: Gritty’s Victims

From giant stuffed teddy bears to the Alabama Hammer, Harding and Campos cover a lot of ground on Episode #70 of the Inside the SPHL Podcast!

Inside the SPHL Podcast S3, E11: Damn, Wysh

Harding and Campos are loopy as they kick off All-Star Fan Vote month with a big guest, ESPN's Greg Wyshynski!

Inside the SPHL Podcast S3, E10: Chicken Parm & Beer

Harding and Campos return from the holidays and are joined by Knoxville Ice Bears President Mike Murray for their first episode of the year! 

Best of the Inside the SPHL Podcast: James Spann

While we are away enjoying the holidays with our families, we are leaving you two of our best podcasts from 2018 as gifts under the digital tree!