BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Around the world, Christmas is one holiday celebrated by most nations and cultures around the globe.  Recently, I took a little time to chat with members of the Birmingham Bulls about Christmas.

The question I posed to each player was a simple, but deep thinking question: What is the best and worst gift you’ve ever received for Christmas?

Counting Coach Hicks as one of the recipients of the question, I was able to get 13 different players to respond. The answers were all different, some funny, some bizarre, all serious. 

From chapstick to X-Box’s to avocados to coal, each player had a unique story about a gift either good or bad they’ve received for Christmas. With the exception of one player, most suggested the standard socks, underwear, etc… as not necessarily the worst, but not their favorite.

Here are some of the better responses to the questions; see if you can figure out which player is in law school.

Justin Larson: Oh wow, I don’t know. I’ve had some pretty questionable gifts, but I don’t know if I feel comfortable pointing them out. Kinda like if I point them out specifically, that person is gonna know who gave it to me if they read this article, then they’re gonna come after me. Best gift, my parents got us a pony, which was pretty funny, it was tied to a tree with a bow on it. 

Mike Davis: The worst was definitely, it was Christmas Eve at the family gathering and my mom thought it would be funny to give me coal one year when I was younger. I guess I was bad that year. So I was excited, thinking I was gonna get an action figure, something cool, Star Wars, Batman, something like that. I open it up to find coal, and within a second I was crying. My mom regretted it the second I opened that.

Josh Harris: Best was a motorized moped, worst was an avocado from his sisters. 

Fun fact: Sin Bin Managing Editor (and my boss) Mike Campos LOVES avocados.

Garrett Johnston: My best Christmas was probably a few years ago, my parents took us on a cruise to the Bahamas. Worst, I got a pair of camo pants, size 46 waist.

The best response came from one of this years team leaders. Mavric Parks didn’t hesitate on his answer. His best is coming this year. Being able to go home for Christmas which he was unable to do last season. “Pretty important to me, so that has to be right up there with the best,” said the Bulls goaltender.

Needless to say as a guy getting to cover the Birmingham Bulls this season, this has been one of my better Christmas gifts, thanks to Campos and the folks with The Sin Bin. Thanks for reading and if you care to share your story, hit me up on Twitter (@SinBinBulls) with what has been your best or worst Christmas gift this season. 

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