Allen Americans Captain Jamie Schaafsma took over the ECHL twitter account Saturday night to take some questions from fans prior to Game 4 of the Kelly Cup Finals.

If you didn’t follow along, it was an entertaining event.

From the serious to the ridiculous, from fans near and far (The Netherlands), from teammates past (Booter Bootland) and present (Asuchak, Young, Clarke, Descoteaux, Tyler Ludwig). Here are a few examples of the hard hitting questions and answers:

Your favorite video games? Call of Duty & NHL 15
Do players get distracted during games? I would like to say we don’t but that is why we have the Ice Angels.
Who has the manliest playoff beard? Aaron Gens, he looks like Gerard Butler from the movie 300.
What is your favorite food? Pizza & Sushi (not together)
How often do you shampoo your hair #greasy? (Asked by Nolan Descoteaux) Everyday with Head & Shoulders. I just made $500. #sponsored
Miracle on Ice or Mighty Ducks? Mighty Ducks!
How many corn dogs can you eat at one sitting? (Asked by Garrett Clarke) 79
How many pregame naps you take in the spare room looking into my eyes? (This question was asked by Darryl “Booter”¬†Bootland as the Schaafsmas have the apartment the Bootlands used to occupy and yes there is a picture of Booter on the wall) The picture keeps my family out of that room!
What sport would you play other than hockey? Slo pitch if they had the pros.
Favorite type of poutine? KFC has the best.

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