ALLENTOWN, PA – Tuesday afternoon, the American Hockey League announced the format for the upcoming 2017 AHL All-Star Challenge being held January 29-30th, at the PPL Center in Allentown, PA.

On January 29th, a traditional skills competition will be held, pitting the All-Stars from the Eastern Conference against their counterparts from the Western Conference. Events include the hardest shot, fastest skater, breakaway relay, and others.

On Monday night, January 30th, a four-team round-robin tournament will be held. Each team will represent the league’s four divisions. The squads will battle in a series of 10-minute mini games, each contested three-on-three.

Here is an infographic on the event from the AHL:

Image Courtesy: AHL
Image Courtesy: AHL

The teams with two best records will face off in the Championship game, a six-minute, three-on-three affair. Last year’s inaugural tournament saw the Central Division come out victorious.


Coaches for this event will be the coach of the team in each division with the highest winning percentage as of December 31st, 2016. Each roster will consist of 10 skaters and two goaltenders. All of the league’s 30 teams will be represented by at least one player.


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