Hastings is the PA announcer for the Allen Americans. Image Courtesy: SceneByKimberly
Hastings is the PA announcer for the Allen Americans. Image Courtesy: SceneByKimberly

Allen Americans correspondent Barry Janssen is currently on vacation. Filling in for Barry is Mary Betz and Ted Hosterman.

If you have ever been to the Allen Event Center, chances are you have heard the voice of Lee Hastings, the Allen Americans public address announcer. Mary Betz and Ted Hosterman interviewed Lee to find out more of what makes him tick!  We must say it was a very interesting interview and quite lengthy, so in the interest of time, we are posting what we think you would like to know.

Q. What does the job entail?

A. Being in a positive mood, even when you’re not, it is important not to let your emotions come through the mike. Sometimes you have to tune out the crowd, for example, when a fight breaks out between the players.  I track penalties and goals as to be a source in case of a discrepancy. I watch the game differently than the fans, watch in anticipation for unexpected stoppage of play and announce the proper penalties, etc…

Q. How long have you been with the Americans?
A.  Have been here since day 1. Only missed a couple of games.

Q. What is your full time job?
A. Regional Director of Pure Water technology.

Q. Is it hard to get off for daytime games?
A. No, have tons of vacation time and my boss is aware of what I do and he supports me.

Q. Is there anything special you need to do to prep for games and does it vary by visiting teams?
A.  I check the players names and sometimes call the visiting team’s front office for proper pronunciations.  I often write them down phonetically to ensure I announce them correctly.  Do not do anything special for different team, but if it is a big rivalry I will try to rev up the fans early in the game.

Q. Do you coordinate with the music director or with Tommy Daniels?
A.  I do not coordinate with the music director, but sometimes make suggestions. I usually only have to get with Tommy for stats, like if I know if someone is about to break a record.

Q. What is the craziest thing you have seen during intermissions?
A.  Strapping bungee chords to the entrance of the zamboni door and shooting people out..  One time someone went through the teflon wall.  They stopped doing that!  I would not call this crazy, but the most memorable event I have seen in Allen is Mark and Mary’s wedding.  Then there was the time the Dallas zoo had the animals and a dog decided to go potty on the carpet.   And there was a time when we were rolling the carpets out for the first time and a couple rodents scrambled out.  Players tried to corral the rodents with their sticks!

Q. Are there any games we used to play during intermission you would like to see resurrected for intermissions?
A. No, but I would like to see, once in awhile, some big events for the fans like shootout for a car, or bedroom suite, things like that.

Q. Where are you originally from?
A.  My Dad was in the Air Force so I have moved around.  I have been in Texas since 2005, before that North Carolina, Germany, Kansas.  Folks in Germany told me that I talk funny as I had a southern accent.  I have had many opportunities traveling around that other kids did not have.

Q. Were you always interested in announcing?
A. No.  When I was in Kansas, a neighbor asked me to stay at her house while her child was sleeping so she could run to the store.  While I was in her house I noticed gold records and microphones and all this stuff, meanwhile, her husband came home first and we talked.  A couple of days later he asked me if I wanted to try being a disk jockey.  So I went on to DJ at a rock station, country station, top 40 station,etc.  I was attending Wichita Thunder games and came to know some of the people there.  One day I was asked to fill in for their announcer, and the rest is history, I became the Thunder announcer.

Q. What are your announcing aspirations?
A.  I would love to do a NHL game.  I was in the running for the for the Stars PA vacancy but knew there were others more qualified than myself.  So needless to say, I did not get the job.  Maybe someday, when I do not have an Allen game, I will be asked to fill in for Jeff K.  I would love to do at least 1 game.

Congratulations Lee Hastings and Lisa Hammond on their recent engagement. Thanks to Lee for a great interview and spending so much time with us.


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