Alaska Acquires Date Missouri Acquires
(D) Landon Oslanski March 12 (F) Tyler Currier
Indy Acquires Date Alaska Acquires
(D) Quinn Sproule March 12 (F) Dean Chelios
Florida Acquires Date Missouri Acquires
Future Considerations March 12 (D) Tyson Gimblett
Evansville Acquires Date Florida Acquires
Future Considerations March 12 (F) Ray Kaunisto
Orlando Acquires Date Bakerfield Acquires
(F) Akim Aliu March 12 Future Considerations
Idaho Acquires Date Missouri Acquires
(D) Martin Lee March 12 (D) Troy Vance
(F) Ludwig Karlsson
Future Considerations
Florida Acquires Date Gwinnett Acquires
(F) Casey Pierro-Zabotel March 12 (F) Jason Wilson
(F) Jeff Silengo
Future Considerations
Financial Assitance
Gwinnett Acquires Date Fort Wayne Acquires
Future Considerations March 12 (G) Mark Guggenberger
Missouri Acquires Date Cincinnati Acquires
(F) Brian Nugent
(F) Lee Reimer
Future Considerations
March 12 (F) Jack Downing
Gwinnett Acquires Date Ontario Acquires
(F) Robert Czarnik March 11 (F) Garry Nunn
Evansville Acquires Date Kalamazoo Acquires
(F) Ray Kaunisto March 11 (F) Patrick Kennedy (rights only)
Ontario Acquires Date Missouri Acquires
(F) Josh Brittain March 11 (D) Chris Owens
Future Considerations

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