Ever since Spencer Galbraith came to Columbus, he’s been doing great things for the Cottonmouths. When I got the opportunity to interview Spencer, I was pretty excited! He quickly became one of my favorites. A good defensive guy, who isn’t afraid to mix it up, go after the puck, take a hit or give one…oh, and he’s fast too! He’s got speed for days!

One thing that I wasn’t prepared for was how soft-spoken he is. He’s quick with a smile, and very modest. Your quintessential Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde, he’s not the same guy on the ice, as he is off of it.

Before he was sidelined from the bus accident, Spencer had 24 games under his belt here in Columbus. He has eight points and 45 penalty minutes. Not bad for a guy who took a few years off and decided to come south and play hockey from his native Alberta, Canada.

Whether the team is winning or losing, Spencer is not afraid to jump in and take care of business, he’ll punch your face like a speed bag, making you think twice about taking cheap shots on his teammates. On a team of mostly six foot guys, you’d think he’d get lost in the picture. But Spencer has a really big presence on the ice and is a fan favorite for sure.

At a team dinner the same night as the Coach’s Show a few weeks back, the microphone was passed around to each of the guys, and some said something witty or just thanked the fans. When Spencer was handed the mic, he’d said that he slept like 100 hours, was awake for two hours and sits in the dark. Clearly, he’s still suffering from the accident. But, Coach Jerome Bechard said that both he and Rusty Hafner are making progress.

Spencer, a lot of fans and players in the SPHL arena and beyond are awaiting your return on the ice with baited breath. But, do it in your time. Until then, we here at the Sin Bin want to wish you the speediest of recoveries.

I jumped straight into the nitty gritty with Spencer, having already had two fights under his belt at the time and only a handful of games. He’d come out the victor…

The Sin Bin: You’ve got a few fights under your belt already.
Spencer Galbraith: (blushing) Yeah.

TSB: Are you typically a fighter?
SG: Uh, yeah…it’s…I don’t typically like to fight. But I’ve done it my whole career, it is what it is. If it has to be done, I have no problem doing it.

TSB: What makes you want to drop the gloves?
SG: I don’t know. Nothing specific really. It’s just kind of heat of the moment if it happens, then it happens. If you have to do, then you do it.

TSB: What’s you favorite chirp when you are on the ice?
SG: I don’t really say that much. It’s heat of the moment kind of stuff. I don’t really have a favorite chirp that I use.

TSB: Not a talkative guy?
SG: If guys are chirping, I’ll say stuff back. But I don’t really have a favorite. Not a go to or anything.

TSB: How did you start playing hockey?
SG: Played since I was four years old. I actually didn’t like hockey when I first started skating. I couldn’t really do it, skating. So it wasn’t my favorite thing to do. But, I’ve always been a hockey player until right up after Juniors, I retired for a couple years. Just last summer, I was talking to my agent and he asked if I wanted to play again and I told him that I would…so here I am.

TSB: So did you research Columbus before you came down here?
SG: No, I didn’t. I had no idea about anything.

TSB: You didn’t know they were in last place or anything else?
SG: No, I had no clue.

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TSB: If you had seen that, would it have bothered you coming here?
SG: No, because every year is a new year. It’s always different every year. I had no idea, and I don’t think I’d be too worried about it.


TSB: What makes you a great defensemen?
SG: Quick and I think for the most part good with the puck and can pass. Which is what you need so…I kinda try to stick to a simple game. Nothing crazy. I like to rush the puck, jump in once in a while. Nothing crazy.

TSB: Coach said last night at the Coach’s Show that we’ll be seeing a lot of you out on the ice. How do you like getting all of that ice time?
SG: It’s tough to stay in the game if you aren’t playing a lot. So, I don’t mind playing a lot, I enjoy it. It’s good stuff. It’s a nice thing to have and to be counted on.

TSB: If you could compare yourself to any player in the NHL, who would it be?
SG: That’s a tough one. (thinking…thinking…thinking…) I guess if I had to pick, I’d say…I’m not overly offensive, but I chip in. I’m physical. I can’t think of a guy that is an NHL player. I kinda just play my own game. That’s a tough one, I’m not sure honestly.

TSB: How does it feel playing with all these really tall guys. You’re like 5’ 10”…not short by any means, but most of the Columbus players are pretty tall guys. How does it feel?
SG: It’s been like that my whole career. It’s different.

TSB: Do you find that being a bit shorter, that you have more of an advantage? More agile maybe? SG: It depends on who you ask. But, I’d say no. Makes life a bit tougher with you are a smaller guy. But, You do what you do with what you’ve got. It’s been that way my whole life, it’s not going to change now.

TSB: If you weren’t playing hockey, what would you be doing?
SG: Uh…I’d probably be a regular working class guy. Nothing crazy. I didn’t go to school for anything. Go to a regular job and hang out with my buddies. Go snowboarding.

TSB: What’s your pre-game prep like?
SG: I don’t have a brutal pre-game prep actually. I don’t do the same things ever. I show up, and tape my stick, sit there for a while, I walk around. Play a game of ping pong if I want to. Nothing crazy.

TSB: No ritual that you do? Like Brandon Jaeger has a set pregame.
SG: No, other than tape my stick the same way…goalies are weird.(We share a laugh…nothing but love Jags!) I got nothing crazy.

TSB: What do you like to do on your day off? What do you do?
SG: I’m a big movie guy. So, I stretch out and lay out on the couch and eat and watch movies. I’ll have a nap or two. Maybe a round of golf at an odd time. But other than that, I enjoy movies.

TSB: What is it about golf …is it because hockey is so physical and golf…isn’t?
SG: I don’t know, I think that winter and summer sports, hockey and golf…they just hand in hand with each other. I enjoy it. Most hockey players are decent golfers, and it’s kinda what we do in the summer.

TSB: What do you want to bring to the hockey team this year?
SG: I think, everything I have been doing. Playing physical, I’m kind of a meathead in the dressing room. Make the guys laugh, keep them loose. Be serious when you have to, but I like to make guys laugh. Take a chirp, give a chirp there, you know, keep it fun.

TSB: What do you want people to know about Spencer Galbraith?
SG: I’m from Alberta. I think I’m gonna miss the snow around Christmas time. I enjoy warmer weather, but I do enjoy winter weather too.

I didn’t a little rapid fire with Spencer like I do all the guys. His answers will surprise you!

TSB: Favorite everyday drink?
SG: Chocolate milk.

TSB: Are you an organized guy, or mess?
SG: I’m in between. Sometimes I’m messy and have to clean.

TSB: Theatre or Netflix?
SG: I like both. I’ll go to the theater. Netflix is just at my disposal all day, every day.

TSB: Favorite video game?
SG: Probably just the sports ones NHL, MLB, NFL, something like that.

TSB: Are you a morning or an evening person?
GS: Evening. I hate the mornings.

TSB: Are you a lover or a fighter?
SG: I’m a lover. The fighter stays on the ice.

TSB: Favorite color?
SG: Purple.

TSB: Favorite vehicle. If you could own any vehicle?
SG: I enjoy big trucks. Nothing specific. Something lifted.

TSB: If you are out with the boys, what are you drinking?
SG: Bud light, or rum and coke.

1. Using one word; how would your teammates describe you? I’m meat head. That’s probably what I’d say.
2. If you were an MMA fighter, what would you walkout song be? Something pretty gangster. Give me some false hope (laughter ensues!)
3. Name one thing on your bucket list. Snowboard in Switzerland
4. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Why? Just to be immortal.
5. What is your go-to pizza topping? I’m a pepperoni guy. Or cheese. Like to keep it simple.
6. What would your spirit animal be? Something that sleeps a lot. I wouldn’t mind a lion.
7. What is your nickname? Gally or Spenny
8. If you teammate lost a bet and had to sing karaoke, what song would you make him sing? I don’t know. Something embarrassing. Maybe Spice Girls.
9. What is your favorite hockey team/player? I like Philly but I’m from Edmonton, so I jump on that Edmonton bandwagon too. Don’t really have a favorite player.
10. If you could meet anyone famous, who would it be? Kevin Hart. The guy is just out of this world funny.


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