There is no way to sugarcoat what happened last night at the Allen Event Center before the largest crowd of the season (5456) as the Colorado Eagles defeated the Allen Americans 8-1. The Colorado press release about the game had “Eagles Crush Allen” and the Allen press release had “Americans Blown Out By Colorado,” The sad note is those were kind headlines compared to what happened last night.

The Americans were out worked, out hustled, out hit, out played and obviously out scored in a game that you would never expect from a three time champion. Losing at home can happen, but to be embarrassed the way Allen was last night and just let it happen is not acceptable.

How bad was the 8-1 loss? It was the worst defeat in Allen Americans history. That is right, WORST DEFEAT EVER, in the seven year history of the team, both home and away. Until last night the Americans had never lost a game either at home or on the road by more than five goals.

No need to go into a statistical analysis with a result like last night but let it suffice that Allen was beaten in every phase of the game. Colorado scored the first goal of the game late in the first period which has been a great predictor of who will win the game. The Eagles proceeded to score the next six goals to take a 7-0 lead on the way to the 8-1 win. Colorado out shot Allen (42-30), were 2-5 on the power play and 0-6 on the penalty kill.

DID YOU KNOW: Decided to put this here rather than the end because the blog is so long today.  Here are the  worst defeats in Allen Americans history in chronological order:
8-1: Colorado – 11/14/2015 (home)
6-1: Fort Worth – 2/23/2013 (away)
5-0: Laredo – 2/25/2012 (away)
11-6: Colorado – 1/1/2011 (home)
5-0: Tulsa – 12/18/2010 (home)
6-1: Laredo – 3/4/2010 (away)
6-1: Rapid City – 1/15/2010 (home)


– Driving home after listening to what coach Martinson had to say after the game made me regret not saying out loud what I was thinking while sitting in stunned silence at the Q &A session. Guess I was numb after witnessing the worst Allen Americans game in history. First was the fact coach Martinson was willing to come and talk to the media and season ticket holders, which would not have happened elsewhere. Good or bad, Steve Martinson always shows up. He never blows off the group because it was a bad night and he never sends a surrogate after a bad game. He comes and says what is on his mind and takes questions from the fans.

– My second thought was if everyone connected with the Allen Americans organization from ownership, to the front office staff, to the on ice staff, to the players, were as passionate about doing things right, working hard and hated to lose as much as Martinson this team would never have games like last night.

– In deference to coach Martinson, who was obviously upset and embarrassed about how the team performed, I have decided it is best to not include any specific quotes today.


– It is always nice when you get beat at home if you don’t have to wait long to do something about it. If that is the case, Allen is very lucky in they get a second crack at the Colorado Eagles in less than 19 hours after the end of the 8-1 debacle last night.  It is a 4:05 start time this afternoon.

– In the strange stat category and almost hard to believe, defensemen Rick Pinkston was a +1 in the game. If your team loses 8-1 and you end up with a plus that is noteworthy.

– The Allen Ice Angels had their calendar release party after the game which helped brighten the mood for those in attendance. Congrats to everyone involved the in making of the calendar. About all you can say is WOW!

– Finally, wanted to let everyone know I am taking my blog proofreader (no, not you John Weithman) on an all expense paid trip to South America, where we will be spending a few days in the cities of Quito, Ecuador and Lima, Peru but the majority of the next month will be spent at remote camps on the Amazon River in Ecuador and aboard a small ship on the Peruvian part of the Amazon. We will also be visiting the Galapagos Islands aboard a small ship (eight cabins) and take in one of natures most unique places. A group of islands that are geographically so remote they have never been connected to the continents. It is where three major ocean currents intersect which makes for nutrient rich (cold) and coral sustaining (warm) water environments where you see plants, marine life and wildlife that exist no where else on earth. By the way the proofreader is my lovely wife, Nancy.
Our Galapagos Small Ship Home
– While we are in South America, Mary Betz and Ted Hosterman have once again graciously agreed to write the blog, so starting tomorrow they will be publishing the latest and greatest about the Allen Americans. Ted & Mary have some great interviews already in the works and they will be doing game previews and post game recaps so the blog won’t miss a beat while I am gone. Thanks to Ted and Mary for taking on this task which requires a big time commitment.


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